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Be the highlight of Someone’s Weekend as a Part-Time Weekend Carer New Forest

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New Forest District, England, United Kingdom

Company Description

Home Instead stands as the UK's leading home care provider, steadfast in our mission to deliver heartfelt care that empowers the elderly to lead satisfying lives from the comfort and familiarity of their own homes. In our hands, every day transforms into a golden opportunity to significantly brighten someone’s life, to foster joy, and to create moments of delight that resonate deeply with the individuals we serve.

Job Description

As a Weekend Home Carer with Home Instead, your role transcends that of a mere employee; you become a cherished visitor, the highlight of someone's weekend. It’s not just about assistance; it’s about enhancing lives with the joy and companionship you bring, transforming ordinary weekends into beautiful tapestries of shared smiles, warm conversations, and cherished moments.

Imagine being the person who turns mundane weekends into delightful experiences, filled with warmth, understanding, and a helping hand that attends to not just physical needs but reaches out to nourish the soul with companionship and joy. Picture yourself sharing in their hobbies, reminiscing over a cup of tea, or simply being there to lend an ear, making their weekends a time to look forward to, a time of happiness and laughter.

Your role is to inject colour, life, and excitement into their weekends, helping our clients to not just live, but to thrive, enjoying each moment to the fullest with the help and companionship you provide. From assisting with errands to engaging in a heart-to-heart chat, you help craft weekends that are not only safe and secure but also vibrant and joyful, truly being the highlight of their week.

Join us at Home Instead and take on the rewarding challenge of turning weekends into a tapestry of beautiful moments, rich with warmth and affection, a time that our clients eagerly anticipate, knowing that they will be met with understanding, respect, and a joyful spirit eager to uplift their days.


Key Responsibilities

Fulfilling Companionship: Become a friend and a confidant, engaging in activities that bring joy and a sense of belonging to our clients.

Personalised Care: Assist with personal care tasks, always ensuring the highest level of dignity and respect.

Exciting Weekend Plans: Help plan and facilitate a delightful weekend for our clients, whether it’s a quiet afternoon with a good book or a scenic drive in the local area.

Homely Environment: Create a homely and safe environment, assisting with household chores and preparations for the upcoming week.


No formal qualifications are needed — we value a warm heart and a ready smile above all. A driving license and ability to use your own vehicle to transport clients and provide home visits is essential.

Additional Information

What We Offer: The perfect opportunity for those seeking satisfying weekend work that feels more like visiting family than a regular job.

Rewarding Role: Enjoy the immense satisfaction of knowing you are enriching someone’s life.

Supportive Team: Be a part of a team that values and supports each other, fostering a community of care.

Competitive Pay: Receive competitive pay and the opportunity to grow within the company.